Private Wealth Management for Progressive Women

Stephanie Sammons, LGBTQ Certified Financial PlannerAs an experienced Fee-Only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Wealth Manager, I’ve been serving affluent women professionals for more than 20 years. After spending the majority of my career with stodgy, male-dominated Wall Street firms, I decided there had to be a better way to serve successful women professionals in midlife who were just like me.

Sammons Wealth Management is a boutique financial planning and wealth management firm designed to take care of my favorite people; successful and affluent women professionals who have busy careers and complex financial lives. 

My women clients are typically earning six figure incomes and have $750k or more in investable assets. They have a take charge, delegation mindset and want a trusted and open relationship with their financial advisor.

Women and Wealth Management Philosophy

In my experience as a CFP® Professional and Wealth Manager, I’ve learned that my clients benefit most from a holistic approach and ongoing relationship where we integrate in-depth financial planning with investment management. For this reason, I do not offer ‘one-time’ financial plans.

Your financial plan will serve as the foundation of our relationship. It will drive all of our decisions. Planning is also an ongoing exercise, not a one-time event. Through the planning process, we will align your financial assets and actions with your goals as they evolve and monitor your progress.

Financial “Life” Planning

Because your life goals involve more than just money, I utilize a specialized financial planning process where we focus on these 3 important dimensions of YOU:

Your Wealth, your Work, and your Wellness.

Real financial planning takes into account your money AND your life.

Where Money and Life Meet, Stephanie Sammons CFP

Your financial plan will cover any or all of the following areas of your financial life:

Your specific life goals and dreams, current income analysis, strategic tax planning, cash flow analysis, retirement goal and income planning, comprehensive investment portfolio analysis and strategy, education planning (if you have kids and/or grandkids), insurance planning, healthcare and longevity planning, Social Security and Medicare planning, estate planning, business planning, stock compensation planning, employee benefits review, residential real estate planning, multi-generational planning, legacy planning and charitable gifting strategies. 

Investment Management

For designing and managing your investment portfolio, we incorporate all of your assets, accounts, human capital (current and future earnings), tax situation, capacity for risk, time horizon, and funds available for saving to create a customized investment strategy that is aligned with your financial plan, life, and legacy goals.

The investment strategy we create for you will typically consist of globally diversified, tax-efficient, high quality investment holdings that are both passive and active. The goal is to craft your portfolio  to provide you with the best probability to achieve your goals over time with the least amount of risk.

    Fee Structure

    As a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor, we do not charge commissions, sell products, or accept referral fees from third parties. This structure is quite different from a wirehouse or broker as it removes all potential conflicts of interest and allows us to serve the best interests of our clients.

    At Sammons Wealth Management, our clients pay a percentage of total assets under management and/or advisement. Our client assets are held at TD Ameritrade Institutional, an established and reputable custodian that aligns with the firm’s mission and values.

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