Achieve Financial Peace of Mind in Midlife

Thank Stephanie Sammons, CFPyou for your interest in becoming a client. Below I explain more about who I work with, what my philosophy and services encompass, and my pricing structure. If after reviewing you believe we could be a good fit, click the button to schedule a complimentary introductory call with me.

First things first, I am an experienced Fee-Only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Investment Manager. That means I’ve been doing this a long time (almost 25 years), I don’t sell products or charge commissions, and I put my clients’ best interests first. 

Who I Help

I’m a coach at heart, which means I view my role as being your financial coach who delivers ongoing personalized advice, guidance, service, and support to help you implement your plan and stay on track.

My clients come from all walks of life, but I primarily focus on serving forward-thinking, independent women professionals and LGBTQ clients who are in midlife (or over the age of 40). Below are typical scenarios for the clients I work with:

  • Your financial life has become more complex in recent years and you need help getting organized
  • You’ve heard more about working with a ‘Fee-Only’ advisor and want to better understand how that can benefit you
  • You feel disconnected from your current advisor
  • You want to understand where you are now and what it’s going to take to achieve your goals
  • You need guidance through a transition such as a career change, divorce (or new marriage), retirement, or inheritance


In my experience as a CFP® Professional and Wealth Manager for more than 20 years, I have learned that my clients benefit most from a holistic approach that combines both ongoing, in-depth financial planning AND investment management combined. For this reason, I typically do not offer one-time financial plans.

Financial planning is always the foundation of our relationship. It drives all of our decisions. Planning is also an ongoing exercise, not a one-time event. Through the planning process, we are able to align your financial assets and actions with your goals as they evolve.

Real Financial Planning

Because your life goals involve more than just money, I utilize a specialized financial planning process where we focus on planning for the 3 dimensions of YOU:

Your Wealth, your Work, and your Wellness.

Real financial planning takes into account both your money and your life!

Where Money and Life Meet, Stephanie Sammons CFP

Your financial plan will also cover any or all of the following areas of your financial life:

Your specific life goals and dreams, current income analysis, strategic tax planning, cash flow analysis, retirement goal and income planning, comprehensive investment portfolio analysis and strategy, education planning (if you have kids and/or grandkids), insurance planning, healthcare and longevity planning, Social Security and Medicare planning, estate planning, business planning, stock compensation planning, employee benefits review, residential real estate planning, multi-generational planning, and charitable gifting strategies. 

Investment Management

For designing and managing your investment portfolio, we incorporate all of your assets, accounts, human capital (current and future earnings), tax situation, capacity for risk, time horizon, and funds available for saving to create a customized investment strategy that is aligned with your financial plan and life goals.

The investment strategy we create for you will be globally diversified and consist of high quality investment funds with lower internal expenses. The goal is to create a portfolio that will provide you with the best probability for achieving your goals over time with the least amount of risk.

We also focus on a tax-efficient approach to investing and consider the current economic, political, and market environment in managing your portfolio.

Client Services

As a Sammons Wealth client, here are the personalized services you can expect to receive:

  • Organization of your financial life
  • An in-depth financial plan that includes a net worth statement and can be updated in real-time
  • Periodic updates to your financial plan as your situation evolves
  • A detailed retirement roadmap and retirement income planning
  • Ongoing investment management and guidance for all of your investment accounts
  • Guidance on employee benefits plans and/or small business owner retirement plans
  • Coordination of your investment and retirement savings strategy
  • Collaboration with your other professional advisors (and referrals to my network of professionals as needed)
  • Guidance to and through life’s major transitions (career change, divorce or new marriage, retirement, inheriting wealth, sale of a business)

    Fee Structure

    As a Fee-Only fiduciary financial advisor, I do not charge commissions, sell products, or utilize high cost funds and investment vehicles. I do not accept referral fees from other professionals or companies. This structure removes all potential conflicts of interest and allows me to serve your best interests.

    My clients pay a percentage of total assets under management and/or advisement with Sammons Wealth. Your accounts will be held with TD Ameritrade Institutional which is an established and reputable custodian that aligns with my firm’s mission and values. 

    My minimum annual fee is $5000/year (billed quarterly), thus my services are most appropriate for individuals and couples who have a minimum of $500,000 in investable assets outside of your personal company retirement plans.  

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