Stephanie Sammons, CFP

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in potentially working with me and becoming a client. Below I explain more about who I work with, what my philosophy and services encompass, and how my fees are structured. If after reviewing you believe we could be a good fit, use the button below to schedule a no-obligation introductory call with me.

Who I Love to Serve

I’m honored when someone is interested in working with me! My clients are mostly women, but I also enjoy working with men :). The folks I tend to work best with are typically busy professionals who are in midlife (between 45 and 65ish) who one or more of the following situations:

  • Your financial life has become more complex in recent years
  • You don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to do this on your own
  • You value a trusted, open, personal relationship with your financial advisor
  • You are going through a transition such as career change, divorce (or new marriage), retirement, or receiving an inheritance
  • You value candid advice and appreciate having a coach for accountability, encouragement, and support
  • You want to make the best decisions with your wealth that you possibly can at this juncture in life

My Philosophy and Services

In my experience as a CFP® Professional and Money Manager for more than 20 years, I have learned that my clients benefit most from  a holistic approach that combines both ongoing financial planning and investment management. For this reason, I don’t offer one-off financial plans.

Financial planning is always the foundation of our relationship. It is far more important to get the planning right, as tremendous value can be derived from making the best financial decisions that are aligned with your life goals. Real financial planning takes into account both your money and your life!

Where Money and Life Meet, Stephanie Sammons CFP

The personalized services you will receive as a Sammons Wealth Management client include:

  • Organization of your financial life
  • In-depth financial planning with periodic updates as your situation evolves
  • A detailed retirement roadmap
  • Management of your total investment portfolio
  • Guidance on employee benefits plans
  • Coordination of your investment accounts and savings strategy
  • Collaboration with your other advisors as needed
  • Guidance to and through life’s major transitions (career change, divorce or new marriage, retirement, inheriting wealth, sale of a business)
  • Quarterly check-ins including ongoing coaching, support, and education

My Fee Structure

As a Fee-Only fiduciary financial advisor, I do not charge commissions, sell products, or utilize high cost funds and investment vehicles. I do not accept referral fees from other professionals or companies. I also do not charge a percentage fee on assets under management. This structure removes all potential conflicts of interest and allows me to serve your best interests. 

My clients pay a flat fee that is based on the complexity of their total financial situation, including but not limited to net worth, income, total investment assets and accounts, number of family members served, employment status, and tax situation. The fee is billed quarterly or monthly and is reviewed on an annual basis.

I do not have a minimum net worth, asset, or income level requirement, but my minimum fee starts at $416.67 per month (or $1250/quarter).

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