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Stephanie Sammons, LGBTQ Certified Financial PlannerIf you’re like most of my professional women and LGBTQ clients, you are in midlife at the peak of your career and thinking about how, when, and where you want to retire.

To retire smart, there are many variables to consider. The sooner you start the planning process for optimizing your financial assets, income sources, and tax situation, the higher the probability for achieving the retirement lifestyle you desire.

For nearly 25 years I’ve been guiding my clients to and through their retirement years. Simply put, retirement planning is my specialty.

My focus is working with successful women and LGBTQ professionals (as well supportive allies) who are within 5 to 15 years of retirement, have a six figure household income, and have accumulated a minimum of $750k to $1M of investment and retirement savings. 

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to create your unique roadmap to retirement, let’s connect!

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Dedicated to Real Financial and Retirement Planning

Many financial advisors say that they do financial and retirement planning, but in reality, they don’t. Most are interested in managing your investment portfolio without the context of a plan. However, it’s the in-depth financial and retirement planning process that provides the answers that we need to align your financial assets and actions with your goals.

Financial and retirement planning done right is a very thoughtful process that goes way beyond your investment portfolio. Planning takes into consideration your resources, goals, dreams, values, and fears. My role is to serve as your “financial life” partner on your journey to and through retirement. 

Real financial and retirement planning takes into account your money AND your life.

Where Money and Life Meet, Stephanie Sammons CFP

Investment Management

We rely on in-depth academic research for constructing and managing your investment portfolio. A globally diversified, low cost, and tax-efficient investment strategy provides the best opportunity to capture performance from around the world while also minimizing risk.

To create your customized portfolio, we incorporate all of your investment accounts and other relevant assets, human capital (current and future earnings), tax situation, capacity for risk, time horizon, and funds available for saving to construct a portfolio that is aligned with your life and legacy goals.

Independent Fiduciary and Fee-Only

As a Fee-Only Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisormy services include comprehensive financial planning and investment management, and my fees are in line with the industry average. However, as a Fee-Only advisor, I do not charge commissions, sell products, or accept referral fees from third parties.

This structure is very different from a wire-house or brokerage firm as it removes all potential conflicts of interest and allows me to serve the best interests of my clients. The trend in the financial services industry is independent, fiduciary, and fee-only. 

Sammons Wealth Management client assets are held at TD Ameritrade Institutional, an established and reputable custodian that aligns with my firm’s mission and values.

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