Create Your Ideal Retirement Lifestyle.

Align your money with your life goals so you can achieve them.
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Where Are You Now and Where Do You Want to Be?

You want to ensure you are making the best financial decisions today to secure your ideal financial future.

You want greater clarity on when you can retire, how much money you will need, and how long your money will last.

You want to work with a financial advisor who understands your unique family dynamic and life experience.

You want help through a major life transition such as retirement, a career change, or a change in marital status.

Proudly Serving the LGBTQ Community and Supporters 🏳️‍🌈

Although our clients come from all walks of life, we focus on serving LGBTQ individuals and couples nationwide.

Stephanie Sammons, CFP®

Stephanie Sammons, CFP®

Founder Sammons Wealth Management

When it Comes to Your Retirement, Experience Matters. 

Hi. I’m Stephanie, founder of Sammons Wealth Management.

As a fiduciary, fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, I’ve been guiding clients to and through retirement for more than two decades.  

My mission is to help remove the burden of decision and doubt when it comes to your retirement, and guide you toward the Ideal Retirement Lifestyle™ you dream of!

Without a retirement plan, you will end up somewhere. It’s never too early to start. Just don’t wait until it’s too late.

Although my clients come from all walks of life, I focus on serving the LGBTQ community (and supporters) nationwide.



The Ideal Retirement Lifestyle Process

Whether your ideal retirement involves recreation, relaxation, reinvention, or all of the above, you need a plan.


STEP 1: Analyze your current financial situation, resources, ideal retirement lifestyle goals, and critical decision points.


STEP 2: Create your personalized Ideal Retirement Lifestyle™ Plan to align your financial actions and assets with your lifestyle goals.


STEP 3: Provide ongoing guidance, financial life management, support and coaching to help you create and realize your Ideal Retirement Lifestyle™.


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Stephanie Sammons, Certified Financial Planner and NAPFA Member
Stephanie Sammons, Dallas Certified Financial Planner

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