Smart financial planning for women professionals in midlife.

I'm Stephanie. My mission is to help you take charge of your wealth and gain financial peace-of-mind.

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Planning-based Wealth Management for Women Professionals.

Who We Help

You're a Busy Professional

You are a successful manager, executive, or professional in midlife at the peak of your career.  

You're a Delegator

You know that time is your most precious commodity and you value trusted financial guidance.

Your Financial Life is Complex

You have a six-figure income, pay higher taxes, and have investable assets of $500k+. 

The Value of Financial Peace-of-Mind? Priceless.

Plan with Purpose

Will your retirement involve reinvention, relaxation, recreation, and re-education? Planning can make your vision a reality. 

Invest Wisely

You’ve worked hard to build your nest egg. Your investment strategy should provide for growth, income, and longevity.

Minimize Taxes

Taxes become more complex as your earnings and assets grow. Proactive tax management can leave more money in your pocket.

Retire Smarter

Living well in retirement means making informed decisions today about your financial assets and income resources.

Stephanie Sammons, CFP®

Founder & CEO

I’m Stephanie Sammons, an Independent, Fee-Only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and wealth advisor with 20+ years of experience. 

As a woman professional in midlife myself, I’m passionate about helping successful midlife professionals take charge of their wealth and gain greater financial peace-of-mind.

My clients tend to have six figure incomes, pay higher taxes, have complex compensation and/or employee benefits and  investable assets of $500k+. 

Sammons Wealth Management is a boutique financial planning and wealth management firm based in Dallas, TX, also serving clients virtually nationwide. 

Client accounts and assets managed by Sammons Wealth are held at TD Ameritrade Institutional, a respected partner to independent, Registered Investment Advisors who are Fiduciaries. 

Professional Affiliations

Stephanie Sammons, Certified Financial Planner and NAPFA Member
Stephanie Sammons, Dallas Certified Financial Planner

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