Investment Management When You’re 50+

An Investment Process to Sustain Your Lifestyle to and through Retirement

Crafting Your Portfolio to Preserve and Grow Your Wealth

Our 5-Step Investment Management Process is designed to help you stay on track to and through retirement.


Step 1

A Big Picture view of your wealth

Most of our clients come to us with multiple investment accounts, 401k or other employer retirement plans, and various IRA accounts scattered about.

Part of successful investing in retirement is understanding your wealth as a whole instead of just the pieces and parts.

We will help you see the big picture and simplify your life with a more consolidated account management and investment plan. This will likely save you time and money.

Step 2

Alignment of your investment accounts with your retirement goals

Once we have the big picture, we align your investment and retirement accounts with your retirement goals, risk comfort level, and many other factors we take into account that are unique to your situation.

Rather than owning random investment funds, you will have a consistent and strategic asset allocation across all of your investment and retirement accounts. Your portfolio will be mapped to your retirement vision.

Step 3

Diversification with high quality, low-cost investment funds

Your portfolio will consist of high-quality, low-cost funds that are diversified across various investment asset classes. We utilize a strategic asset allocation with both core and tactical funds to construct your portfolio. Your portfolio is then rebalanced periodically throughout the year.

Step 4

Coordination of inflows, outflows, and everything in between

There are a lot of moving parts as you move to and through retirement. We help you coordinate your retirement income, portfolio withdrawals, RMDs, savings, and taxes across your investment and retirement accounts.

Step 5

Adjust According to Plan

Life never really goes as expected, does it? Through planning, we will have a reliable roadmap to follow. Yet, course corrections are always necessary as life changes occur along the way. We have to remain open and flexible.

We will help you evaluate the possibilities and potential trade-offs that life can bring, and adjust your portfolio strategy according to plan.

Planning is the key to peace of mind in retirement.

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